Production of inorganic chemicals

Our credo is to deliver highly pure materials. The running hours of our plant allow also deliveries through the weekend. The speed of our answers to customers and our deliveries guarantee the basic supply of the industry with process chemicals. Main point also is the safe handling of all our products. On demand we also offers safety-workshops.


  • Sulphuric Acid
    Sulphuric Acid

    At Pischelsdorf we produce highly pure sulphuric acid with modern double-catalysis-technology.

  • Sulfamic acid
    Sulfamic acid

    In Pischelsdorf, we are the only European producer of sulfamic acid.

  • Electrolysis products
    Electrolysis products

    At Brückl we produce in a modern membrane production plant mercury-free electrolysis products.

  • Calcium Carbide
    Calcium Carbide

    We produce technical Calcium Carbide for the gas- and steel industry at our Landeck site.

Sales Sulphuric Acid
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Sales Electrolysis Products
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Sales Calcium Carbide
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Thomas Lamprecht Product Manager Sulfamic Acid, Sales Manager Sulfuric Acid & Electrolysis Products
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