Calcium Carbide

In Landeck we produce calcium carbide based on coke and lime stone as raw materials. Most of the energy used in this power-intensive production process is clean and environmentally friendly as it is supplied by our own hydro-electric power plant.

With our state-of-the-art plants and our expertise, we have also acquired and secured a place among the leading European suppliers of high-quality products for removing sulphur from pig iron.

For more than 100 years we have been producing calcium carbide for acetylene gas producers with the same priority.

We produce and sell Carbide for the steel- and gas industry and offer:
  • high flexibility in production and logistic.
  • high quality, loyalty in deliveriy, service.
  • development of customer-specific solutions


  • Calcium carbide for the acetylene production
  • Calcium carbide-mixture for the metal industry

Grain sizes:
  • 0,1-0,3 mm
  • 0,3-1,0 mm
  • 0,8-1,8 mm
  • 1-3 mm
  • 4-7 mm
  • 4-15 mm
  • 15-25 mm
  • 20-70 mm

Packed in IBC-Container, 100 kg drums, 250 kg drums.

Deliveries only to bulk consumers > 20 tons per delivery.
For smaller quantities, please get in touch with our distributors/sister companies, Donauchem.
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