Chlorine: A look at its many applications

The basis of communication is based on the chemistry of chlorine.

How chlorine chemistry helps to ensure that there is enough food and healthy water in our world.

Getting and staying healthy - chlorine helps!

Items and applications based on chlorine chemistry are ubiquitous.

Discover energy savings that can be achieved with chlorine chemistry in this video!

It started with records, then came CDs and DVDs and the sound systems and lighting in nightclubs then the music collection on your MP3 player and your smartphone. They all have to do with chlorine chemistry!

Sports shoes, a refreshing bath or a nice game of tennis, they all have one thing in common: chlorine chemistry as a basis.

Home comfort, good heating and energy saving, good lighting and good food in the freezer - they all rely on compounds related to chlorine chemistry.

Almost all health-related activities also have to do with chlorine-based chemistry. Even when an aircraft has to be evacuated safely!

It is a big challenge to feed nearly eight billion people on this planet! Chlorine-based chemistry helps to grow enough healthy food and get it to the plate undamaged.

From polyurethane shoe soles and seat cushions to PVC prosthetics, titanium aircraft wings and hybrid car batteries, chlor-alkali chemistry helps us get home safely and easily.

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